Nowt anthology 01

The first Nowt Press anthology collects and updates some older editions from this site, but also some of the material from the Nowt Press pre-history as a pamphleteer. It is a one hundred page ebook entitled ‘Beginning again in the middle’:

We have recently become interested in ebooks and their possibilities, and this is our first editioned anthology. We are looking for partners to collaborate with us on the further dissemination – in terms of both print and digital editions – of Nowt Press writers and artists, and here we are privileged to present Robert Galeta, Simon Ford, Steve Hanson, Lee Hassall, J.D. Taylor and Lawrence Upton.

Publishers: Please get in touch, we need infrastructural support.

The need for an anthology began to rise as the little Nowt editions accumulated on this site, and it became clear that they were ‘all of their time’ – by which I mean of now – despite contributions across generations, from writers in their twenties, thirties, forties, fifties, sixties, genealogies going back to Bob Cobbing, Jeff Nuttall and Ian Hinchliffe, then forward again to British psychogeography and over the smashed fragments of Marxism… So I have split the book into Diagnoses (where we are now), Practices (what to do about it), and Augurs (pure speculations about what might happen from here on).

So this is a kind of manifesto by example, which is responding in its own way to the various crises of now. Because what Nowt Press did when it revived itself was simply what everyone does all of the time, we begin again, as Deleuze described it, in the middle, never at the start.

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Nowt 13 – h bombs keep falling on my head

Nowt 13 is another excellent piece of thoughtful polemic from Lawrence Upton.

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Nowt 12 – Pirbright

Pirbright is a poem by Tina Bass.

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Nowt 11 – Allegories of Capital

Nowt 11 is a new text by Simon Ford and Robert Galeta. ‘Allegories of Capital’ is a timely and angry piece, which briefly examines historical allegory in order to cast a pessimistic glance at our current crises.

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Nowt 10 – Obedience

Here is Nowt 10, another piece by Lawrence Upton, entitled Obedience.

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Nowt 09 – Setting out, along the radial, warped spokes of time

Nowt 09 began as a catalogue essay by Steve Hanson for the Dromology exhibition at South Square gallery, Bradford. It then became a Nowt edition. This piece will re-appear shortly in the first Nowt Press anthology, but the availability period for the first edition has now ended.

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Nowt 08 – autumn, or Further Eradications

Here is Nowt 08, by Lawrence Upton.

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