Nowt 00 – Nothing To See Here

The blank page, the year zero of the current Nowt Press incarnation, is the stalled book Nothing To See Here, which was meant to document a fringe performance by Lee Hassall and others at the Ways of Looking festival, Bradford, 2011. The stalling was mainly financial, and as the document was largely completed, including Hassall’s wonderful notes on practice, we present it here to inaugurate Nowt’s no-frills re-launch. Here also is a poster for a lecture on cities, art and gentrification, at Bradford School of Art and Media, which featured a serendipitous moment from the performance. The two zeroes indicate another year dot moment and Hassall’s entranced eyes, staring through the fence at the giant hole in the centre of Bradford… This is Nowt 00

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Nowt Press re-launched

Nowt Press is returning with a series of no-frills, A4 pdfs, printable on any desktop, which can be folded, stapled and distributed at your end. We are taking our cue from Proboscis, with their wonderful, downloadable, folding books. But we have never been able to really make them work, and so are making our constructions as simple as possible: this is about the dissemination of provocative writing, ideas and images, more than it is about books.

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The pre-history of Nowt Press

Nowt Press was founded in 2004 when Steve Hanson and Robert Galeta published New and Accurate Maps of the World, volume 1, in an edition of 200. This was followed by Hanson’s Beyond Retro and a scattering of pamphlets. Some spreads from New and Accurate Maps of the World volume 1 can be found here. Nowt Press then typeset Ken Sparnes’ Collected Poems, in collaboration with Girl in the Chemist and Hibrida of Bradford. The Collated Total was then issued, along with a hand-made improvisational edition from Guy Begbie. The last book issued in the ‘pre-historic’ phase was Steve Hanson’s Contango Tango. 

We gathered some press, mainly through the UWE Book Arts newsletter. Here are the relevant pages from Issue 27Issue 33 and Issue 49. In 2009, Nowt Press were involved in a Multiples symposium at Hereford College of Arts with Dr. Stephen Bury of The British Library (he is now the Andrew W. Mellon Chief Librarian at the Frick Art Reference Library).

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